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"Our Purpose here at ResMed is to help hundreds of millions of people sleep better, breathe better, and live higher-quality lives in out-of-hospital care."

Mick Farrell

Mick Farrell

CEO and President

"Our Purpose here at ResMed is to help hundreds of millions of people sleep better, breathe better, and live higher-quality lives in out-of-hospital care."

ResMed has a mission to help people sleep better, breathe better, and live healthier, higher-quality lives outside the hospital. We've improved over 165 million lives in the last 12 months and our ambitious goal is to improve 250 million lives in out-of-hospital healthcare in 2025.

We are laser-focused on our core businesses: helping 936 million people worldwide who suffocate every night with sleep apnea, 480 million people worldwide who suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and millions more who benefit from a streamlined out-of-hospital healthcare ecosystem that includes home medical equipment, skilled nursing facilities, home health and hospice, and beyond. For over 30 years, our mission has been encompassed in what we call the "triple aim": to improve quality of life, to prevent the progression of chronic disease, and to reduce unnecessary healthcare costs.

A public health crisis

We believe untreated sleep apnea is a public health crisis! Each year, and with ever-increasing detail, new research reveals the role healthy sleep and breathing play in personal and population health. Untreated sleep apnea is clinically linked to heart failure, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, COPD, peri-operative risks, and beyond. Untreated sleep apnea is also an occupational health and safety hazard, preventing sleep-deprived workers and their companies from meeting their full potential of safety and productivity. The potential economic benefits to national healthcare budgets are, on a different measure, equally significant. For all these reasons, pursuing healthy sleep and breathing is important to us all and demands our collective focus.

Mick Farrell Signature

Mick Farrell

CEO and President

What Sustainability means to us

ResMed's overall strategy is grounded in our business sustainability because innovation, ethical business practices, and operational excellence are precisely what enable us to save and enrich millions of lives. In short, our approach to the environment, our social communities, and best-practice governance is simply part of our DNA. We believe that the altruistic goal of helping people sleep better, breathe better, and live higher-quality lives away from a hospital in an ethical, compliant, and sustainable manner is quite simply key to our company's growth so that we can serve hundreds of millions of people who need our help.

We're also deeply committed to understanding the needs of our team and engaging deeply with their professional and personal development. We are laser-focused on hiring, developing, and advancing the best talent in the field of healthcare. Our corporate culture demands high levels of innovation and a rigorous code of values and ethics - starting with tone at the top, and all the way through to the customer, including our most important customer, the patient. Meeting these standards of excellence every day requires an engaged and passionate global team dedicated to innovation and excellence.

We invest heavily in research and development, both through our own world-class team efforts, and in partnership with key outside research organizations that help broaden our impact. Our corporate culture demands and values this innovation, not just in medical science, but also in disease awareness, policy development, and in our own team's operating excellence. Strict legal compliance and an emphasis on safety, quality, environmental, privacy, and data security are all integral elements to the global ResMed culture.

Our Approach

We know our performance, products, and solutions are only as good as our people. We seek the best people we can find, and support them to be the best they can be. We understand that people - our ResMedian team, our suppliers, our partners in healthcare delivery, our distributors, and our ultimate customer, the patient - all need an environment and culture that encourages and promotes the best outcomes.

We are proud of ResMed's sound environmental and governance record, and that our social contribution is substantial in the communities we serve locally and worldwide.

On behalf of over 10,000 ResMedians, thank you for your support to help us in our mission and vocation: to help hundreds of millions of people sleep better, breathe better, and live healthier, higher-quality lives away from the hospital. Thank you also for your diligence in reading this Sustainability report from our ResMed team of experts in the field.

Foundation Vision & Giving Focus

In its continuing efforts to promote sleep and breathing research, as well as physician and community awareness, ResMed Corporation established the ResMed Foundation on June 14, 2002.

The mission of the ResMed Foundation is to promote novel research as well as public and physician awareness of sleep disordered breathing (SDB). In addition, and in recognition of ResMed's commitment to its local community, the Foundation provides support for STEM and Arts education within San Diego County. The Foundation is a private charitable 501 (c) (3) foundation.

The Foundation supports primary and secondary educational programs in the areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). We also fund educational programs at major Arts and Cultural institutions in San Diego County.

Recent Grant Recipients in San Diego

The ResMed Foundation reviews every San Diego grant request with meticulous review. Here are a few examples of the projects sponsored for the year:

Elementary Institute of Science (EIS)

EIS is in Southeast San Diego near Lincoln High School, a school with one of the worst records in the S.D. County's school system. EIS brings in kids from grammar and middle schools to expose them to a number of scientific programs, from 3-D printing to biology, microscopic analysis of cells and tissues, etc. The courses are taught in after-school, weekend and summer periods. The students are all from poor families and over 80% of students are of color. They develop critical thinking skills and STEM engagement that far exceed the national average. They developed a Drone Pilot Program for girls who learn to operate drones and earn a license from the FAA. EIS is in the process of developing an integration of coursework with the Preuss Charter School that will blend the learning of grammar to middle school kids of EIS with the middle to high school kids of Preuss. This should produce considerable additional benefit. The records at EIS show that over 80% of their students eventually go on to advanced learning in 2 or 4 year colleges or vocational schools.

The Preuss Charter School

The Preuss School takes in students in the 6th grade and takes them up through Grade 12. They come, bused in, from the low-income districts of San Diego County and 80% are children of color. The recognition of the benefits that Preuss provides is such that over 500 applications are received each year. The selection of 120 students is done by lottery, and no student can have a parent/sibling who graduated from a four-year college. Students who are selected are all about 2 1/2 years behind in their learning skills. As a result, they receive an extra hour each day of class and an extra month in the summer. The result is that all the students go on to advanced learning, about one-quarter of them being admitted to UCSD as freshmen, and many of the others to Ivy League universities in the east. Scholarships are made available as much as possible. Preuss is rated in the top 100 high schools in the U.S. Its teaching staff is first rate.

Monarch School

The Monarch School is devoted to bringing education to children of low-income families resulting in homelessness. The children often live-in vehicles, shelters or with other families part-time. They have been absent from school for long periods and are well below grade level upon enrollment. The education provided is K-12 with teachers supported by the San Diego County Office of Education. There are approximately 150 students enrolled. Not only academic skills, but emotional and life skills as well are provided, and children have access to clothing that is needed, 2 meals a day and snacks, showers, medical, dental and vision care. Students progress up to the 12th grade and are motivated to advance to postgraduate learning in 2 or 4 year colleges or vocational schools. As a result, 64% enroll in these colleges, 4% in vocational schools and 15% have part- or full-time jobs after graduation. Scholarships are made available. Without the Monarch School, little or none of this would be possible for homeless children.

Outreach Education of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD)

MCASD devotes a significant portion of its efforts to education. One of its 3 curators is in charge of education. The outreach program takes art, both existing art works and performing art to students in various areas of San Diego County. The students are all in poor areas of San Diego County, and the schools receiving these exposures to the art world vary according to a pattern developed by the museum's curator of art. Thus, over the years hundreds of students learn about art and actually produce artworks under the guidance of the museum's staff. Research from UCLA and Harvard has shown that such exposure to both visual and performing art advances students' skills in reading and math. Increases in self-confidence plays a role in this.

Ocean Discovery Institute

This organization recently moved into its newly designed and built Living Lab containing multiple classrooms, in S.E. San Diego. It is in walking distance from grammar and middle schools. These students eventually go to Hoover High School, also in the neighborhood. The courses provided in after school programs are based on science that is appropriate to the grade level of the students. The purpose of the science classes is to improve the skills of the students so that they are better prepared to benefit from high school education and go on to 2- or 4-year colleges or vocational schools. Students are given a list of scholarship possibilities, and the students are all from disadvantaged families. It should be noted that the President's Medal was given to Ocean Discovery's Executive Director and Founder, Shara Fisher, 6 years ago and thereafter she received the CNN Hero Award for her development of this educational gem.

Other groups we've worked with in San Diego:

  • Athenaeum
  • Boys and Girls Club of Vista
  • Elementary Institute of Science
  • Girl Scouts of America
  • La Jolla Music Society
  • La Jolla Playhouse
  • League of Amazing Programmers
  • Lux Art Institute
  • Mingei International Museum
  • Monarch School
  • Museum of Contemporary Arts
  • Museum of Photographic Arts
  • Ocean Discovery Institute
  • Old Globe Theater
  • Old town Academy
  • Preuss School
  • Reuben H Fleet Science Center
  • San Diego Center for Children
  • San Diego Museum of Art
  • San Diego Natural History Museum
  • San Diego Opera
  • San Diego Symphony
  • San Diego Youth Symphony
  • San Diego Zoo

Global sponsored research projects

Newcastle University

A randomized controlled trial of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure in patients with impaired vision due to diabetic retinopathy and concurrent Obstructive Sleep Apnea (ROSA Trial).

San Pedro Alcantara Hospital

Evaluation of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure on kidney function in patients with early stage renal disease and Sleep Apnea Syndrome.

University of Bern

Cerebral and muscular hemodynamics in chronic heart failure (CHF) and sleep disordered breathing (SDB): the role of intrathoracic pressure and cardiac output.

Guy's and St. Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

Randomized, double-blinded, sham-controlled cross-over trial of continuous Transcutaneous Electrical stimulation of the pharyngeal dilator muscles in Obstructive Sleep Apnea (TESLA Trial).

Physician Awareness Programs

Women Heart Logo

National Stroke Association

Obstructive Sleep Apnea & Stroke: A Patient Education Initiative.

National Stroke Association Logo

The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease

Sleep Apnea and Women: What you need to know.

USA Science and Engineering Festival Logo

USA Science and Engineering Festival

The largest educational science festival in the United States held in Washington, DC where over 200,000 people gather to learn about developments in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

New Children's Museum Exhibit

The San Diego New Children's Museum is an interactive art museum, designed for children to access creative and critical thinking by exposing them to art installations and exhibits.

The ResMed Foundation and Corporate Giving program sponsors a variety of programs at the museum. We assist with providing access to underserved youth in the community so they can engage with art and engage in the creative process.

Check out this fun exhibit made up of mattresses! Artist Brian Dick reinvented Allan Kaprow's work and created an immersive, interactive room is filled with 40+ mattresses and over 160 "pillow" tires for children (and grown-ups) to play, crawl, jump and bounce around in.

Visit Exhibit Site

UCSD Car Research

ResMed is an annual sponsor of the UCSD Formula SAE Team.

The Society of Automotive Engineers at UC San Diego, or Triton Racing, is dedicated to the design, fabrication and testing of an open-wheel race car for the FSAE competition held this year in Fontana, California. Triton Racing places students in an optimal position to gain hand-on knowledge while applying classroom theory in a real world setting. As a team, we strive to push and test our engineering and design capabilities so that we may extend the boundaries of innovation and establish ourselves in the forefront of FSAE.

Formula SAE is a world-wide engineering design competition held by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). The competition provides a unique way to test students' theoretical knowledge base in a practical, real-world context through manufacturing and fabrication of their designs. Along the way students create and hone their skills in engineering, design, management, and teamwork. Since its inaugural competition in 1979, the competition has grown to over 1000 universities in 10 locations, is the largest undergraduate engineering design competition of any kind in the world.

At ResMed, we value innovation and forward-thinking design. This competition tests and develops the best minds in engineering, challenging them to push the boundaries. We love seeing the creativity coming from this race!

Pedal The Cause

Padres Pedal The Cause Logo

An annual sponsor of San Diego's Pedal the Cause, ResMed is committed to helping create a world without cancer. Every year we gather ResMedians to race for a cure and raise money for research. 100% of funds are donated directly to cancer research in San Diego. Over our lifetime participation, we have raised over $155,000 for Pedal the Cause.

Device Donation

Breathe the lung association logo

In a partnership with the Nova Scotia Lung Association and the American Sleep Association, ResMed donates devices for the nonprofits to gift to those in need in North America. Last year, we donated nearly 2,500 devices to patients who cannot otherwise obtain treatment for sleep apnea. We admire the work of these organizations in their communities.

American Sleep Association Logo

Our Response to COVID-19

Our mission at ResMed is to help millions of people worldwide sleep, breathe, and live better lives at home or in the out-of-hospital setting of their choice. We take that mission to heart, and as soon as COVID-19 emerged, we took it to the frontlines of the global pandemic response. All 8,000 ResMedians stepped up from our San Diego headquarters to sites around the world to provide a record number of lifesaving ventilators and other connected devices, as well as digital health solutions, to help give the gift of breath to those fighting COVID-19 and help provide high-quality care to millions more with chronic breathing conditions.

We've never been prouder of our team. We produced over 150,000 invasive and non-invasive ventilators (over 3.5x our normal production in Jan-Jun 2020 vs. Jan-Jun 2019), and over 10x the number of related masks and accessories - all while prioritizing employee safety and ensuring business continuity. Our team took heroic strides to make it happen, and we are consistently doing our best to make sure our team and their families are taken care of during this time. We are in awe of our team for their efforts to assist their global communities, as well as in awe of the frontline healthcare workers around the globe.


Invasive and non-invasive ventilators

first 6 months of 2020 vs. 2019


Related masks and accessories

first 6 months of 2020 vs. 2019

This pandemic made sure we were transparent and cooperative with global governments and companies to get supplies where they needed to go most. As we were heavily involved in the COVID-19 response, we've worked closely and effectively with governments and health systems in over 100 countries to properly gauge and meet demands for our products. Meanwhile, our digital teams responded quickly to update our website with critical information for healthcare workers to fight COVID-19.

While we worked fast and hard to assist the global COVID-19 response, we made sure to enable our employees to take care of themselves as needed. At the beginning of the pandemic, all non-essential workers were asked to work remotely, and we've implemented flexible schedules to assist everyone dealing with these stressful times.

The 2020 pandemic has shaped our world and transforming the way of working as we know it. ResMed continues to embrace this new world through our courageous experimentation and innovation, stepping up to face the challenge together.

Customer Data Protection

ResMed invests in information security and privacy. This investment allows us to unlock the value of de-identified data and use insights to help patients, providers, physicians, payers legally and ethically. We always honor applicable privacy laws, including the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act known as HIPAA.

For more on data protection, read the "Customer data protection" section in our ESG Report.

Disaster Response

With employees working and living all around the world, we find ourselves near ever-increasing natural disasters. In 2020, with our dual headquarters in Sydney, Australia and San Diego, California, we felt particularly close to the devastation of the wildfires.

We respond to disaster relief efforts through corporate and employee donation matching campaigns, device donations to affected areas, and partnering with global relief effort programs.

In 2020 we donated devices to Lebanon, Beirut after the explosion and to clinics in South Carolina after the flooding.


America's most responsible companies 2021 Newsweek Logo

The 2022 Newsweek/Statista "Most Responsible Companies"

Newsweek and Statista partnered together to announce America's Most Responsible Companies for 2021. ResMed commits to being a good citizen and giving back to the communities we live and operate in. We're honored to be listed alongside other companies working to help their communities in both prosperous and challenging times.

The 2021 Wall Street Journal "Top 250 Management"






Ranking out of 32

Health Care Equipment & Services



Lives changed by a ResMed device, mask or accessory

America's most just companies Logo

ResMed has been recognized as a JUST100 America's top 100 corporate citizens for three years in a row by Forbes and JUST Capital, a nonprofit that analyzes and ranks companies based on how they serve the priorities of the American people.

In 2019, ResMed ranked #18 out of 890 large publicly traded U.S. companies - and #1 out of 32 "Health Care Equipment & Services" companies - when compared on issues including:

Worker compensation and wellbeing

Customer treatment

Product impact

Environmental impact

Community support

Job creation

Mick Farrell picture

"Improving lives is ResMed's mission, and that has to start within your own company. At ResMed, we provide a diverse, inclusive and dynamic work environment that fosters the growth and innovation of more than 8,000 ResMedians worldwide. It's our team of dedicated professionals that makes ResMed global leaders in connected medical devices and out-of-hospital software, improving millions of lives and changing the way healthcare companies do business."

"We're proud to help raise the bar for corporate responsibility, and will continue to do so."

Mick Farrell
CEO and President

Best Places to Work

Culture isn't something you create, it's something you cultivate. Our team is our family, where we make sure every voice is heard and valued. We don't strive for awards, we strive for consistently becoming a better company and changing the lives of our patients around the world. Along the way, others have noticed what it means to be part of the ResMed family:


Best Leader

Mick Farrell

San Diego Union Tribune


Top 3

of best places to work

in San Diego


Top Workplace

Wisconsin Business Journal


Top 100

Graduate Employers

Received Grad Australia


Top 75

Graduate Employers


Top Employers


Top Employers

for 2021

Our People

We are committed to building and fostering an extraordinary culture of belonging, inclusion, and diversity, where every ResMedian does their best work to serve our mission of empowering millions of people to live healthier and higher quality lives, reducing the burden of chronic disease, and improving global healthcare delivery.

Our five core competencies capture the essence of our culture: we are all leaders, team players, innovative, customer-obsessed and inclusive.

we are

all leaders

we own ResMed's purpose; we lead and inspire self, teams, business and industry

we are

team players

we always put ResMed first and collaborate as teams to drive results

we are


we solve big problems, are agile, always curious, think critically and drive change

we are

customer obsessed

we seek to understand our customers and create world leading solutions

we are


we respect diversity of people, thought and freely express our ideas

"Thanks to the generosity of all who donated and local restaurants for their support, we provided 355 meals to the heroes at Sharp Memorial Hospital"

Chris Dahl


Many of our teams take the bonding activities into the community. Our IT department works with the San Diego Food Bank to spend an afternoon every quarter!

Our employee resource groups volunteer and raise money for local groups where they can partner in the community. ResPect, our LGBTQIA+ group, works The Center in San Diego.

A group of employees got together this year to prepare, organize, and donate meals to first responders and healthcare workers.

During the 2020 Australian bush wildfires, one group of crafty individuals created pouches, wraps, and bags to help with animals harmed in the fires.

Every year, ResMedians in Sydney spend a week in September to participate in the Coleman Greig challenge to walk, run, and cycle to raise money for St. Gabriel's School and the Westmead Hospital Foundation. All the funds raised support children with special needs and new born care.

"I get great satisfaction mentoring for the Immigrant Services Association."


Halifax, Nova Scotia

Folks in Halifax get a team together to ride for cancer each year. The team, ResMed Rollers, raise funds to create the best cancer care program in the region.

We also have team members spending their time as mentors in the community. Andrew is a mentor with the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia.

ResMed team organized a fundraiser for Kinderhaus AtemReich children's home in Munich that cares for children with severe respiratory illnesses.

"With the beginning of the pandemic, there was an additional demand for other things we use daily, such as bed linens. ResMed provided us with necessary everyday items that are used and changed a lot due to the current situation. Your support came at just the right time and it took a huge burden off our shoulders!"

"Through strength and courage with every lap we complete, and through the collected donations to our team ResMed, we enable the valuable support of cancer research."


We have cyclists around the world! In Switzerland, our team joins Race for Life to battle cancer and raise funds for research.

Worker Empowerment
and Wellbeing

Paid Time Off to Volunteer and Team Volunteer Events

Every ResMedian has 2 days of paid time off to volunteer for a cause they are personally passionate about. Many of our team bonding events are also volunteer groups heading out into their local communities!

Corporate Matching Campaigns

For causes close to our hearts and our community, we have internal champions leading various campaigns. This past year, one team got together for the Lung Force Walk and raised donations with a corporate matching fund!

American Lung Association logo Lung Force Logo

Work Life Balance

In addition to market-competitive compensation packages, we support employees and their families with flexible working arrangements, paid time-off, home working arrangements (in some countries, where feasible and approved), and consideration in rostering. Paid time-off varies with local conditions, but is generally available for sick leave, parental-community-career leave, bereavement leave, and in some locations for limited additional unpaid time-off to attend or participate in school activities, for limited time off for volunteer emergency services, or military service where mandated by local laws. We maintain a significant community volunteering program that allows our people to integrate volunteering into their lives with the support of the company. Additional leave is available for a range of other personal causes. Flexible rostering in Australia and Europe has enabled a high proportion of our employees to remain full time. Part-time transitions have been made available for parents returning from parental leave and in limited cases for employees to pursue higher education.

ResMed Wellbeing Day

While the need for self-care is more critical than ever during 2020, many simply have not had the time to focus on mental health. We've declared November 23 a wellbeing holiday for all 8,000+ ResMedians around the globe. With the utmost appreciation and gratitude, we want to thank our ResMed family for the work they do every day to help people sleep, breathe, and live better lives, especially throughout the pandemic. We hope each and every one you get time to breathe and recharge in these challenging times - and for that matter every frontline healthcare and senior care worker striving each day to keep so many of us safe and well.


NOV. 23

a wellbeing holiday

Inclusion and

BIDS: Belonging, Inclusion, & Diversity Statement

We lead with belonging. Our vision at ResMed is to unlock the full potential of our people by embracing diverse perspectives that spark innovative healthcare solutions to improve millions of lives. And we believe these innovations are best when the people behind them can be their best selves. We maintain programs to support equity and diversity with an annual review and action plan, through which we aim to achieve desired levels of gender diversity (which we measure) and cultural diversity (which we do not).

We launched our first diversity and inclusion program in 2018, dedicating two employees to lead the internal efforts and take a comprehensive look at what we can do better. ResMed is committed to continuing this work, investing in gender equity and empowering our global employees to be their true and best selves.

In 2020, we hired a director for our Belonging, Inclusion, and Diversity for Success program.

We are doing this through comparing ourselves to best practice companies, taking a hard look at gender equity within our company, and supporting our grassroots ERG (employee resource groups) initiatives.

This year, we implemented a new and better parental leave policy for our North America employees, and launched a dedicated Diversity & Inclusion page at

Building Equity

We made commitments in 2020 to bolster our commitment to racial justice at ResMed. So far we've

  • Hired a director for our Belonging, Inclusion, and Diversity for Success program
  • Hosted multiple internal panel discussions to highlight our varied cultures, educate employees, and identify what we can do to better cultivate belonging for all ResMedians.
  • Fostered the growth of four employee resource groups.
  • Created an education campaign around pronouns and LGBTQ+ awareness with Wear it Purple Day.
  • Raised money through an internal corporate matching donation campaign, where funds went to Black Girls Code, Equal Justice Initiative, and the Thurgood Marshall College Fund.
  • Removed hiring barriers in our job descriptions, such as required levels of college education
  • Our Medical Affairs team is an active participant in industry work with AdvaMed and their Principles on Health Equity. We are part of the AdvaMed's Responding to Racial Disparities in Health Core Team, an initiative to address health disparities recently highlighted by COVID-19.
  • We added Martin Luther King Day as a floating holiday for our U.S. teams.
  • Launched a self-ID campaign around disability status, increasing participation by 85%.
Image showing 5 key points: Fostering a D&I Culture, Inclusive Behaviours, Feeling free to speak up, Understanding Blases and Cultural Intelligence

Gender Diversity

Over half (53%) of our ResMedians are female employees.

We have multiple initiatives and programs to promote and accelerate gender diversity. We are committed to diversity of our board of directors through strategic board refreshment efforts. Of the last four appointments, three appointments have been female directors. Currently we have three highly qualified women to the eight-member board. With 38% of the ResMed board represented by women, we rank in the top 20% for S&P 500 companies. We offer an engineering careers ladder that provides supportive career development pathways, coaching and mentoring programs that target high-potential female employees and engineering students, sponsorship of the Women in Engineering group and Lucy Mentoring Program in Australia, and paid participation in the Athena group for female professionals in San Diego.

For our senior female leaders, we participate in the G100 Women's Leadership Network to provide accelerated learning, leadership and connection opportunities and help develop their skills to succeed in executive roles, and ensure diverse representation of females each year in selection of participants for our internal leadership programs.

This year we partnered with the McKinsey & Company Survey Women in the Workplace 2020, based on the American working woman experience in corporate America, especially highlighting Woman of Color and working mothers.

We implemented a new option for people to include their chosen pronouns in their worker profile

ERGs: Employee Resource Groups

ASPIRE: Asian Pacific Islander Representation and Empowerment

Supports members of the Asian & Pacific Islander community in bringing their whole selves to the workplace, while still being valued and supported to reach their highest potential. They strive to build a diverse community that will stand for one another and celebrate each other's successes and contributions.

To enable ResMed to be a leader in its commitment to diversity, inclusion, and belonging by empowering Black employees to develop their leadership skills, inspire their communities, and deliver meaningful contributions that support ResMed strategic objectives for growth.

Instrumental in organizing our community response to local disaster efforts, the Latinxs of ResMed organized the ResMed response to the recent devastation of Puerto Rico.

Their mission is to enable Latinx/Hispanic employees to develop their leadership skills, build powerful networks, and lend meaningful insights that support ResMed's strategic objectives for growth.

To support ResMed commitment to diversity, inclusion and belonging and enable Latin/Hispanics employees to develop their leadership skills, build powerful networks and lend meaningful insights that support ResMed strategic objectives for growth.

There is also a LEANinSales group, focusing on an inclusive ERG for women in sales in North America to network, collaborate, and build community through discussions that educate, inspire, and empower members to thrive. We work to create a space for professional development and mentorship/sponsorships that will allow women to successfully navigate their career pathways and goals.

A group representing all communities and BIDS initiatives. Mosaics represent the office's regional interests and align with international holidays as well. Mosaics are great for smaller sites and are an inclusive space where members can explore growth opportunities regarding different cultures, religions, communities and more!

A group that shares parenting successes, learnings, horrible fails, and laughs - while entertaining and/or educating our little ones.

ResMed's Abilities and Capabilities ERG's mission is to provide a safe space of support and resources for employees of all abilities and capabilities, as well as caregivers of those who are differently-abled.

ResPect operates as both a safe space for LGBTQ+ employees and an internal advocacy group. The group strives to create a respectful ResMed where LGBTQIA+ people belong and diversity is celebrated around the world.

Recently the San Diego ResPect group hosted a panel discussion on being "out in the workplace." They also host an annual fundraiser for Wear it Purple Day - a day in Sydney dedicated to providing awareness and showing support for LGBTQIA+ youth.

Serves to connect current, retired, and separated US Veterans and their friends and family members. Our mission is to build a strong community by providing resources, access to informational events and community outreach, and participating in recruiting opportunities.

Annual Wear Purple Day

Sponsored by ResPect

LGBTQIA+ ResMedians and their allies

Our Planet

At ResMed we are always striving to reduce our environmental footprint throughout our business operations and supply chain. We are committed to working with our employees, suppliers and customers to:

Eliminate unnecessary waste in all our systems & processes.

Minimize our pollution, especially our non-biodegradable waste to landfill process

Design and develop products with reduced impact on the environment throughout their lifecycle

Increasing our employees' awareness of the environmental impacts of their decisions and actions

Monitor our environmental performance and collaborate with employees, suppliers, customers, and regulatory bodies to make continual improvements

Fulfill our compliance obligations including applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, as well as relevant international programs aimed at reducing harmful pollutants

While we have made pleasing progress, we know there is still much more to be done to meet our customers and our own aspirations. To learn more about our environmental performance, visit our Sustainability Report.

Read Our Sustainability Report


Environmental Stewardship

Changing lives with every breath is part of our DNA. After thirty years we are still so consumed about solving for problems not only relevant today, but also tomorrow. Whether it's through our pioneering technology, or innovative product solutions; it's essential that sustainability is at the center of ResMed Design.

However, choosing the sustainable option shouldn't mean accepting compromise, rather, it requires a product to be designed intelligently, and nurtured from the inside-to-out. As designers & engineers we have an obligation to deliver that future; to imagine products that go the extra mile for our users and the environment. This endeavor involves designing in sustainability from the start and embedding it into the entire product development process in order to deliver the necessary change our planet deserves without forcing our users to compromise on performance.

ResMed Design are pledging our commitment to sustainable design.

It is a course we're incredibly passionate about as individuals, and we want to be transparent about our efforts to design for both our users and the environment.

For any new product releases, we have set aspirational targets across 3 horizons:

Horizon 1

  • Divert packaging waste from landfill by 2023
  • Reduce material mass in packaging and product
  • Reduce industrial waste, energy and water usage

Horizon 2

  • Divert product waste from landfill by 2026
  • Adopt low impact materials in both packaging & product by 2026

Horizon 3

  • Products designed for circularity by 2030

For thirty years we haven't left a stone unturned in improving the lives of those that use our products and solutions. However never before has the obligation of us all as designers & engineers been greater to not only imagine and deliver what the future holds, but also how we do so sustainably.

Sustainable Design

Learn about our sustainable design journey at ResMed from our amazing product designers, project managers, and product managers.


ResMed's APCO Annual Report & Action Plan Read Our ESG Report

Management System

ResMed has a comprehensive Environmental Management System with ISO 14001:2015 certification at our manufacturing and product development campus in Sydney. The Environmental Management System was established to systematically reduce our environmental-related impacts, and to ensure compliance with applicable local and international environmental legislation affecting our operations and to keep track of all our environmental risks, opportunities, aspects and impacts.

View Certification

We are extending our adoption of ISO 14001 standards to other major manufacturing sites. At this stage, we are comfortable that our quality management system, with our pursuit of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement, is delivering environmental improvements in a way that is both effective and integrated with our core business.


Resource Efficiency

We are guided by using natural resources more efficiently. This basic principle underpins our operations on our manufacturing site. By using less inputs to deliver greater value, it means we respect the limits of the natural resources, minimize waste, and in doing so, systemically reduce our costs.

Here are some of the efforts underway at ResMed to become more resource-efficient.


Our energy efficiency has improved through changes to our production equipment and manufacturing process. This involves adding new lean process equipment such as robot demoulders and conveying systems that deliver higher productivity and better energy intensity. Improvements to the building plants and upgrades of the lighting system also contribute to enhancing the baseload energy use and intensity of our sites.

We aspire to reduce our Greenhouse Gas emissions through more efficient site operations and use of renewable energy. Our San Diego headquarters and Sydney site have installed solar photovoltaic systems, bringing a total production of 200 MWh each year.



during the past 3 years


While the water usage in our manufacturing processes is negligible, we continue to seek ways to prevent the waste of water resource in our buildings and office spaces. We focus particularly on using water efficiency appliances including tap aerators to reduce flow intensity, and low-flow flush toilets and sensor faucets in restrooms.

At our state-of-the-art, 30-acre site in Sydney, we capture all rainwater from roofs and hard surfaces with feeds to onsite ponds. Stormwater pollution-control devices and bio-filters maintain the ponds' water quality so it can serve as a habitat for native flora and fauna, as well as an irrigation source for native flora around the campus.


By adopting digital technology to streamline many of our processes, it also helps us to significantly reduce our paper consumption.

Other common paper reduction initiatives include a use of centralized printing system, and by relying more on electronic means for internal communication. Our major sites have also undertaken a campus-wide printer refresh with better energy efficiency printers and swipe-release function to minimize unnecessary printing.




per employee since 2018


We aim to be as efficient as we can be, getting the most out of the raw materials we use, and finding ways that we can reuse or recycle any waste that we generate. Or finding someone else that can.

All of our manufacturing sites and offices segregate recyclable waste for disposal. We have achieved a recycling rate of 70%, and continuously finding ways to divert waste from the landfill to the maximum possible. Ongoing efforts include:

• Enhancing product design to further reduce scraps and packaging waste in the manufacturing process.

• Providing and promoting source separation on the production floor and in the office.

• At our manufacturing site in Sydney, any dry waste that cannot be reused or recycled are sent for conversion into fuel.




from our operations


We set out our expectations of supplier environmental performance in the ResMed Supplier Manual. We reward suppliers by our rating system if they operate to a certified environmental standard (e.g., ISO 14001). Our regular quality audit of supplier facilities includes observations on environmental performance.

Our expectations of suppliers include:

  • Maintaining and disclosing up-to-date, traceable information for every individual (homogeneous) material, as required;
  • Compliance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive. RoHS status is confirmed as part of the approval process on all new components and changes to existing components;
  • Supply pre-RoHS original or, where directed, alternative RoHS-compliant parts;
  • Compliance with Health Canada requirements for disclosure of DEHP (found in flexible PVC) or BPA (found in polycarbonate); and
  • Compliance with the European Union's 2006 Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulations for substances of very high concern.

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