ResMed Launches New Platform Of Portable And Lightweight Life Support Ventilators

Astral 100 and Astral 150 Redefine Mobile Life Support Ventilation

SAN DIEGO, May 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- ResMed (NYSE: RMD) today introduced a new platform of portable, lightweight, and user-friendly life support ventilators in select European and Asia-Pacific markets with the launch of the Astral™ 100 and Astral™ 150. Already a leading player with its Elisée™ and VS III™ devices, ResMed's new generation of Astral life support ventilators offer unparalleled mobility and ease of use for patients suffering from neuromuscular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other adult and childhood breathing disorders.

Astral(TM) 100 and Astral(TM) 150 weigh only 3.2 kilograms and have an eight-hour internal battery.

Astral 100 and Astral 150 life support ventilators offer the best battery-to-weight ratio on the market with an eight-hour internal battery and a weight of only 3.2 kilograms. Two optional eight-hour external batteries provide a total run-time of 24 hours. With this expanded mobility, chronically ill adult and pediatric patients who would otherwise be hospitalized may be safely treated away from the hospital for a more enriched life. Less time in the hospital can also mean a reduction in the cost of care.

"We took nothing for granted when designing the Astral family of life support ventilators," said Geoff Neilson, president of ResMed's Respiratory Care Strategic Business Unit. "We listened to patients, physicians, and providers, and addressed their pain points related to ventilator mobility; Astral is a solution that maximizes mobility and functionality."

The Astral 150 life support ventilator recently earned a prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award for 2014. Red Dot is the world's largest design competition. "ResMed has a 25-year history of innovation and research and a focus on patient-centric design that helped lay the foundation for the Astral platform," said Neilson. "This dedication to design excellence has been recognized by a panel of renowned, international experts with our receipt of the Red Dot."

Astral life support ventilators make setting up a patient simple and straightforward with a large touchscreen display and easy-to-navigate graphic user interface. The touchscreen functionality can be accessed without removing the device from its mobility bag for patients taking advantage of the ventilator's enhanced portability.

Astral life support ventilators feature eight customizable breathing modes to ensure that patients receive optimal treatment to manage their specific respiratory requirements. Therapies can be adjusted depending on patient need, so patients can gradually be weaned off the ventilator after a period of time, if appropriate.

Astral 100 Life Support Ventilator

Astral 100 is the powerful, entry-level model in the new generation of ResMed's portable, lightweight and user-friendly life support ventilators. Key features of the Astral 100 life support ventilator include:

  • Exceptional battery-life and portability up to 24 hours
  • Streamlined setup and operation
  • Excellent leak compensation
  • Comfortable and adjustable therapy
  • The ability to use non-invasively or invasively with a mask, mouthpiece, or tracheostomy
  • A single valve circuit system with one integrated QuickConnect™ tube and leak circuit options 
  • Intuitive, easy-to-read touchscreen display with real-time pressure and flow data for a comprehensive picture of a patient's condition

Astral 150 Life Support Ventilator

The Astral 150 life support ventilator is an even more versatile solution that builds upon the features of the Astral 100 life support ventilator by adding:

  • A double-circuit system to more accurately measure a patient's exhaled breath in real time. This makes it an ideal choice for a wider range of patients, including children who have more sensitive respiratory needs
  • Manual breath and sigh features to mimic natural breathing patterns, and the option to configure up to four ventilation programs that can be set to meet a patient's changing daily requirements
  • The ability to monitor the actual percentage of enriched oxygen used by a patient

Astral life support ventilators are scheduled to be available in the U.S. later this year, pending FDA clearance.

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Astral(TM) 100 and Astral(TM) 150 life support ventilators allow chronically ill patients to be treated away from the hospital.


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